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NovaTest P300 Integrated Compact GC (Beta)

For Quick & Convinient VOC Screening in Fields

Description: A compact GC with integrated touch screen computer. NovaTest P300 makes it possible to sample, analyze, and view results all within one unit. It is designed for convenient and rapid tests of complex volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and some volatile inorganic compounds with high sensitivities.  The contained structure and temperature-controlled enclosures make it more stable and reliable under any conditions.

Product Name: NovaTest P300 integrated compact GC
Analysis System: Gas chromatograph
Detector: PID
Dimension: 47 x 35.7 x 17.6 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Carrier Gas: Helium, ≥ 99.5%
Column: Capillary column
Power Supply: Built-in battery or external power outlet
Lower Detection Limit: 4 hours or upgrade to > 8 hours)
Battery Power Output: 25.9 VDC
Theoretically Detectable Compounds: VOCs and some inorganic volatile compounds with ionization potential less than 10.6 eV.
Platforms: NovaSoft 1.0, NovaSoft 2.0

NovaTest P300 – Brochure
Updated: 01/23/2019
File size: 1 MB


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