Based in the UK, Duvas’s research and development focus on gas detection methods using ultraviolet light for real-time detection of pollutant gases at ppb level. Their DV3000 is a new approach for multi-species gas analysis in fixed and mobile form. It produces rapid, dynamic results coupled with the geographic mapping of gas concentrations in real-time and is capable of measuring a large range of gases ‘visible’ in the UV spectrum using ultraviolet spectroscopy.
SATIR is one of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers focusing on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras. These cameras play a significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.
SCENTROID is the world’s premier manufacturer of odour sampling and analysis equipment. With decades of experience developing state-of-the-art instrumentation for environment industries, it provides new and innovative technologies to the field of odour measurement. Its mission is to empower the globe with vast in-depth knowledge, state-of-the-art instruments, and the most extensive customer support.
Archview Instrumentation is a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety technology, serving a broad spectrum of clients. Its purpose is to provide the most innovative and advanced solutions for clients. A team of industry experts are prepared to assess client needs, find the right products, and supply the necessary training and support services. It believes it’s approach will bring confidence and peace of mind to clients, maximize effectiveness, and maintain a high level of performance, while meeting all of the required environmental, health and safety regulations.